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Over 1,000 years of mushrooming tradition in Poland.

Poland is the largest button mushroom producer in Europe and the largest exporter in the world.

First references to mushrooms

The first written reference to eating mushrooms in Poland comes from the Passion of St. Adalbert, which dates back to 1004. It is also one of the oldest references to mushrooms in Europe. Already then, mushrooms were a frequent guest to Polish tables. Probably already at that time mushroom picking was a common pastime, later made famous by e.g. Adam Mickiewicz in ‘Pan Tadeusz’.

Mushroom harvests were subject to laws and regulations. In 1567, King Sigismund II Augustus introduced a forest law that allowed mushroom harvesting in the royal forests and presented a list of species.

Button mushrooms in Poland

After 1945, there was rapid development of button mushroom growing, which accelerated even further after 1989. Currently, Poland is the largest button mushroom producer in Europe. Polish mushrooms make 1⁄4 of the entire European Union production, and they are sent to all European countries and many countries around the world.

The button mushroom appeared in Poland in the 18th century and was considered a luxury commodity. This resulted in the fact that already then only the best button mushrooms were grown in Poland.
The button mushrooms were brought to Poland by the nobles, who travelled through Western Europe, including France. Initially those mushrooms were imported from abroad, but soon domestic cultivation began. They were cultured on the best fertilizers in the noble manors and were placed on an equal footing with truffles.